A selection of over 40 well known apps that you may install with just a mouse click

With us, you will be able to install over 40 different PHP web applications straight from your Control Panel. The Web App Installer permits you to set up your own website with minimum effort. You can set up personal weblogs, community web portals, shopping portals, photo galleries, etc. with one single mouse click.

The Web App Installer is offered with all our hosting solutions, which feature the no–cost HD Web Hosting Web Site Control Panelcloud web hosting plans, semi-dedicated servers, VPS servers and dedicated servers.

Set up your completely new web site with a mouse click

HD Web Hosting’s Web App Installer is a user–friendly tool for creating your online diary, forum or online photo gallery in an instant. You don’t need to have any special web design or coding experience to make use of the tool. It involves an amazingly simple installation procedure – just pick the web application that you want, type in your web site’s name and hit the Install button. Your brand–new site will be then published to the Internet within several minutes.

We’ve chosen apps that are simple to use, so uploading new content to your site and customizing its layout will be as easy as A, B, C. We maintain all the apps stable and secure and routinely update them to their most stable versions.

Take care of your web site’s content with a mouse click

As soon as your application goes online, you will obtain direct access to its admin area and will be able to start uploading fresh content and to make modifications at any given time. The admin details, including the login address and the admin password, are stored in our hosting Control Panel, so you’ll be able to see them anytime you want to.

In case, for some reason, you do not need the installed app any longer, you will be able to uninstall it with a single mouse click from our Web Site Control Panel. You don’t have to erase all the files one after the other.

Select your app at signup

You can choose an app and have it installed in your hosting account even before you log in! Simply select the application that you want from the drop–down menu located on the order page and it’ll be instantaneously installed in your new cloud web hosting or semi-dedicated servers account. This way, you can have your brand–new Joomla or WordPress website published to the Internet the moment you open your web hosting account.

As soon as you log in, you’ll be able to use our single–click Web App Installer to install more apps for any other domain or subdomain in your web hosting account.