Monstrously fast website load speeds for your visitors from Oceania, Australia and Asia

To make sure that your website visitors from Oceania, Asia, Australia and New Zealand will reach you online as rapidly as possible, you can host your sites in the Amaze data center, which is physically located in the Central Business District in Sydney and which is one of the best–connected data center facilities in Australia and Oceania. Our AU data center (Amaze) will make your websites faster than the blink of an eye and will decrease the bounce rates.

In our AU based datacenter, you are able to host all types of sites – from online blogs and small–business web sites to resource–absorbing image galleries and business websites. We offer you a selection of cloud web hosting packages, so you’re able to choose the one that suits you most. All packages offer a 99.9% server uptime guarantee ensured by our team of well–trained server admins who are working onsite 24–7.